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COVID-19 - Update

By Alisiane Dog Grooming, Apr 16 2020 09:20AM

Following the latest government advice about coronavirus, we are closed until further notice.

Please keep checking back here for updates!


Thank you to all our wonderful customers. You've been so patient and understanding of the lockdown rules. (And we've loved some of the funny messages we've received about your dog's garden bath times 😂)

We still don't really know when we'll be allowed to reopen but we know it will be at least another 3 weeks (and probably more). Here's our plan for when we can reopen:

1. All customers who had an appointment with us that had to be cancelled will be prioritised (

2. Dogs with matted coats or other issues that are causing a risk to their welfare and wellbeing but didn't have an appointment will also be prioritised.

3. Customers who didn't have an appointment that was cancelled but would like one when we reopen please contact us via text (it's easier for us to track) asking to go on our waiting list and we will be in touch with you to arrange your appointment when we can.

4. We expect to be able to get through our cancelled appointments within 2-3 weeks (but we cannot make any guarantees) and will do our utmost to keep waiting times for an appointment to a minimum.

5. We will resume our additional social distancing measures where we keep the door locked and serve you outside, we will wash our hands before and after serving you, sterilisation with broad spectrum cleaner will be paramount and we will sterilise collars and leads in the UV steriliser.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We have the best customers and we value you all!

We hope you're taking care of yourselves and are all well.

Best wishes


In the meantime just brush and comb your dogs. When I am allowed to work all those that have missed their appointments will be priority, I will be working Saturdays and Sundays to catch up. I will not be brushing out matted dogs under the welfare act and please be aware if they need to go short I will have to put there welfare first. Keep safe and can’t wait to see you all again.


So here is the actual reality of ‘considering’ grooming dogs at this particular time. It’s a long read but bear with it and please take these other points into consideration:

For a groomer to do what the regulations state we would need to:

• Reinsure as pet transporters and have a suitable vehicle with crates to transport dogs in

• Reinsure car as business use

• Put you at risk of Covid19

• Put ourselves at risk of Covid19

• Bankrupt our clients!

Please keep reading, it's worth it.

DEFRA/CFSG (stupidly in my opinion) released a statement on Tuesday 7th April which seemingly allows a loophole for groomers and dog walkers to resume work!

However, it is worded in that, they are not giving permission but they are showing they are supporting our industry.

Just so you know why I won’t be reopening (and I hope you understand why and support me in this)...

This is the procedure I would have to undertake, at all times keeping a minimum of 2m from you, wearing FULL PPE of masks, face shields, gloves, aprons etc (which in my opinion I shouldn’t be buying all the time the NHS are short) :

• collect your dog (this can be only one households dog at any one time... multiple dog households have to be one at a time) - you CANNOT drive your dog to me. You also CANNOT walk it to me.

• disinfect your dog safely before putting it in my car along with removing your collar/lead and replacing with my own, safely (10-20mins)

• change my entire PPE get up for new before entering my premises (10-15mins)

• take your dog through my premises, past my pets with zero contact (so no it couldn’t touch the floor etc) (10mins)

• disinfect the dog again (10mins)

• wash & groom as normal (to dry we use high velocity dryers which would blow any potential virus their coat is carrying up into the air within my premises - and maybe even enough to float a little bit of virus out the window towards anyone surrounding business or homes (1-2hrs+)

• take your dog back through my premises without contact and without interaction with my pets (10mins)

• bring them back to you, again maintaining the 2m & full PPE (by which point I would have had to have a full PPE change again) (30-40mins) and change my collar/lead to your own while trying to keep social distancing not to get infected

* at this point you’ve got your dog back groomed *

• I then need to FULLY decontaminate my vehicle (1hr30)

• I then need to FULLY decontaminate my grooming premises (2-3hrs)

So in summary - that’s 7, yes SEVEN hours work to groom said dog. If that wasn’t bad enough, you still technically have to disinfect your dog when it comes back to you but my price would supposedly need to reflect this say your dog normally costs £35 and is done in just over an’re now looking at:

• increasing the risk of spreading the virus

• using 4 sets of full PPE kit which the NHS could be using to help actual dying people

• paying your normal £35 PLUS the extra £120 for the extra time

All because we can’t cope with brushing our dogs for an extra month or so??? I understand some have more complex requirements but this is just your generic dog.

Please support me, my business & the government guidelines during this awful time & don’t use these businesses that choose to use these very small and dangerous loopholes. It’s appalling. I understand we are struggling for money, I’ve dropped to zero income but still have bills to pay as well so I’m feeling it too. But it is so unnecessary to be taking these risks. I’d be horrified if I lost any of you to this horrible horrible Can I have this on my website on the front please I’m getting clients to look for updates in there Allison

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