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Update: We Are Reopening 18th May & Now Certified

By Alisiane Dog Grooming, May 11 2020 10:07AM

Thank you to all our wonderful customers. You've been so patient and understanding of the lockdown rules. (And we've loved some of the funny messages we've received about your dog's garden bath times)

Here's our plan for when we can reopen:

1. All customers who had an appointment with us that had to be cancelled will be prioritised (

2. Dogs with matted coats or other issues that are causing a risk to their welfare and wellbeing but didn't have an appointment will also be prioritised.

3. Customers who didn't have an appointment that was cancelled but would like one when we reopen please contact us via text (it's easier for us to track) asking to go on our waiting list and we will be in touch with you to arrange your appointment when we can.

4. We expect to be able to get through our cancelled appointments within 2-3 weeks (but we cannot make any guarantees) and will do our utmost to keep waiting times for an appointment to a minimum.

5. We will resume our additional social distancing measures where we keep the door locked and serve you outside, we will wash our hands before and after serving you, sterilisation with broad spectrum cleaner will be paramount and we will sterilise collars and leads in the UV steriliser.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We have the best customers and we value you all!

We hope you're taking care of yourselves and are all well.

Best wishes

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