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Vet Referrals

We take vet referrals having built up a good reputation over the years. Whether it's a specific health problem or perhaps even a behavioural issue such as your pet is very shy, nervous, or fearful. Whichever it may be, it is no problem at all to us as our aim is for a stress free visit!



Fleas, Ticks and Parasites


As professional groomers, we check every square inch of your dogs body for ticks, fleas and other parasites. We will then be able to advise a referral to the vets for an appropriate treatment if necessary. Fleas are usually noticed in the bath and none should make it out alive.  


Ticks are noticed and removed safely and completely from your dogs skin during the drying process. We will remove all of the dead coat whilst maintaining that healthy coat and skin - checking for any abnormalities or lumps.  Professional groomers see thousands of skin problems over the years and the per grooming industry offers higher quality shampoos and conditioners other than the ones you find at your local pet store.

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